I Got My COVID Booster Shot!

Hey folks! It’s 8:44pm on this Tuesday night as I begin this post. It’s been nearly two hours since I got my third COVID vaccine, aka, the booster shot. The shot is now available for people under age 65, and I literally just registered online two days ago and scheduled an appointment for 7pm today.

Right after teaching my dance fitness class, I drove to a local CVS that offered the Moderna booster shot and arrived in time for my 7pm appointment. I brought my physical vaccination card with me (you need the physical copy, not just a picture) along with my ID and health insurance card. There was no line at the CVS pharmacy, and the whole process from start-to-finish took about 30 minutes. Once they got me checked in, a guy took me to a private room where he administered the vaccine in my left shoulder. Quick and painless. I sat in the waiting area for 15 minutes afterwards so they could monitor me for serious side effects. Once time was up, they signed off my vaccination card to mark that I’d received my 3rd dose, and I was free to go!

I am already noticing some side effects: my cheeks are flushed and eyes are glassy, meaning I will likely have a fever, like I did after my second shot. My left arm is a bit sore, but not too bad at the moment. I expect that will change, come tomorrow. My head is pounding ever-so-slightly. I decided to go to bed early, and I’ve stocked up my room with fluids and Tylenol. Gonna drink a lot of water and take 2 Tylenol pills before sleeping. I rescheduled all my commitments for tomorrow in case I feel very sick after the vaccine. Will keep you guys updated on what happens. Have a great night, everyone!

Update: following day, 1:17pm

Hey guys! Just hopping back on this post to provide an update on my reaction to the third shot. I woke up this morning feeling exhausted, like I’d just run a marathon and was recovering. I had a mild headache and full-body soreness, but thankfully no fever. My left arm was throbbing, and on the pain scale I’d say it was a 7/10. I even had to do a tapping meditation to release some of the physical pain, before I realized I had a whole bottle of Tylenol right next to me, and popped a couple of those. I felt a little better after taking the meds. After a virtual therapy session, I took a hot shower which soothed my body aches. Now I’m ready to get my day started. I’m glad I un-scheduled all my commitments today, as I don’t know how I would teach dance with the pain in my arm. So the rest of the day is gonna be super chill!

In summary, I’d say my reaction to the second shot was a lot worse than my reaction to this one. For the second shot, I had a full-blown fever and was bedridden for most of the following day, whereas the fever never manifested for the third shot. If you live in San Mateo County and want to sign up to get the booster shot, literally just google “CVS booster shot” and you can schedule an appointment from there. Good luck, everyone, and happy vaccination!


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