The November Diaries: Day 9

12:44pm on this Tuesday afternoon. Decided to pop on here during my study break and give you those life updates, as promised!

1. Life Update #1: Grad School, No More (for now)

Okay, so I’ll cut to the chase. I will not be returning to San Jose State’s Sport Studies Master’s program following this semester. In short, I realized the program is not a great fit in terms of what I wish to do, after graduation. The program is Sport Studies, which encapsulates sport psychology, but is not specifically focused on athlete mental health / mental performance enhancement. There are not many opportunities for students to engage in applied work in the program, and most of the two-year program is classroom learning, which is not totally what I’m looking for. Lastly, the program is designed to get students into PhD programs, and is not a terminal degree in itself. Meaning, I won’t be able to get certified as a sport psych consultant upon graduation. So, I discovered all these things a couple weeks back after speaking to the professor of the one class I am taking. I took a silent/meditation retreat to Santa Barbara shortly thereafter, and the answers to my career/education dilemma were elucidated. Quitting SJSU’s program was one conclusion I came to.

I am presently in the process of applying to different sport psychology Master’s programs that are a better fit for my career and education goals. There’s a program Massachusetts– Springfield College’s Athletic Counseling program– that is intriguing. This morning, I actually had a Zoom call with a professor from the department, who is a good friend of my current professor at SJSU (it pays to know people!). Dr. Van Dyke, who insisted I call her Erika, explained in detail what the program entailed, what the outcomes upon graduation were, and what kinds of doors the program would open professionally. My meeting with her further confirmed my interest in the program, and I look forward to applying for Fall 2022. If I get in, there is a chance I will be moving to the East Coast next year! Exciting!! Astounding!! Earth-shattering (in Bel’s world)! And not a decision I will come to lightly. But I won’t worry about that until I reach that juncture. For now, it’s just about applying, so I have options. And, of course, finishing off the school semester strong. I know I won’t be returning to SJSU next year, but with everything in life, I strive to try my hardest and give maximum effort, to the best of my ability.

2. Life Update #2: Upcoming Travels

I will be doing a lot of traveling this holiday season! The big one is my New York trip from December 1-7. Last time I went to New York by myself was 2017. I can’t wait to finally meet my young nieces (daughters of two of my cousins, both of whom live in NY with their families)! I also plan to meet up with friends on the East Coast, take dance lessons from the best Latin ballroom dance instructors, watch Broadway shows, and take a campus tour of Springfield College. I have a one-day layover back home on December 8, before heading to destination #2: Mammoth Lakes for a ski trip w/ my brothers and their friends! That trip is from December 9-14. My final exam is December 10, which I will be taking remotely. So basically I need to be ready for the final by November 30, as I don’t want to be cramming for my final exam while on vacation.

3. Life Update #3: I Have a Boyfriend!!!




Kidding! Hah! Did I fool you guys again?? Sorry to disappoint. Your girl is still officially uncuffed this cuffing season. Even though I’m seeing a guy I met back in August, our relationship is unofficial, and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. I suppose we are what you call, “exclusively dating”. He’s a wonderful guy and I am enjoying the time I spend with him, without pressure or expectation for the future.

I’ll leave you all with that! It’s 1:19pm– time to return to studying! Have a great rest of your Tuesday, and I can’t believe Thanksgiving is in a couple days!


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