The November Diaries: Day 8

3 minutes to 10pm on this Monday night in November. We are 3 days shy of Thanksgiving 2021. And boy, is there much to be grateful for, this year. Approaching year 2 of pandemic, and I am blessed to have stayed healthy throughout. Family and friends are also all healthy.

I apologize for falling off the momentum of TND. I had started this series with the goal of writing one blog a day for the month of November. Clearly that didn’t happen (it’s November 22nd, and I’m only on Day 8 of the series). But, no matter. The good thing is, I’m making an effort to write something… anything. Which, given all the dark and twisty and chaos in my life of late, is good enough.

I don’t even know where I left off with this series, so I will just start with the happenings of today: Monday, November 22, 2021. Today was a study day. I am frantically preparing for my December 10th final for the one grad school class I am taking this semester. The reason I am preparing this early (frantically, no less), is because I will be taking a trip to New York on December 1-7. I’ll be home for a grand total of one day on December 8, before taking off again to Mammoth Lakes for a ski trip, Dec 9-14. I’ll be taking the final exam remotely on the 10th. So, you can see now how little time I have to study before my upcoming travels (no, I do not plan on studying much while on vacation). My goal is to have all the study guides made and concepts internalized by November 30, before I leave for New York. Still gotta finish planning my New York trip itinerary. Excited to see family and friends on the East Coast, take dance lessons from the world’s best instructors, watch a couple Broadway shows, and work/write in aesthetic New York coffee shops. So much to do, and so little time!

Back to my day. I took a study break from 12-1pm, when I headed to the studio and helped my friend choreograph a yoga routine. I’m actually thinking of getting certified in yoga teaching, sometime in the future!

After yoga, I headed back home, where I had lunch (kung pao chicken and noodles from Safeway’s Panda Express knock-off) and did some more studying. I tutored a student from 3:30-4:30pm. Then headed to Bay Club for a dance/workout session. Excited to teach my dance fitness class there tomorrow, as my brothers, both of whom returned home for Thanksgiving, will be making an appearance in my class!! (or so they say. not sure if they were serious or not. i would pay big money to see them dance, especially in my class. hopefully they follow through with their word.) From 7-9pm, I had a nice dinner with a very nice guy I’ve been seeing for a few months. We went to an authentic Mexican restaurant, where I ordered 2 tacos (chicken and BBQ pork), and he had a “wet” burrito (basically a burrito with a bunch of saucy soup poured all over). It was a short but sweet time together, and I came home happy.

And now I’m here, blogging before bed, so I can go to sleep with a lighter conscience (I always feel a little unaccomplished if I don’t write something in the day). Speaking of which, I actually wrote a new feature article for Athlete Voices, which went live earlier today! So, really proud of that.

Okay, that’s all for tonight, folks. Have some major updates regarding grad school and future plans that I will inform you of sometime this week. Take care, and good night!


Congrats to Daniella and Iman on winning Season 30 of Dancing With the Stars!

-Belichka (my Russian nickname, which also means “squirrel”)

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  1. Belochka is a little closer to the Russian spelling. Such a cute nickname! The spelling is белочка


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